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Expansion Expo Haarlemmermeer

Expo Haarlemmermeer has started with a large expansion. This expansion provides 12.000 m2 of additional floor space. This gives the possibility to not only rent lengthwise, but also widthwise. In addition to the new floor space a new kitchen will be realized which provides more flexibility and possibilities for catering.

The expansion is entirely built of glass, mostly like the rest of the building. This creates a lot of light exposure and a pleasant connection with the green environment.

Expo Haarlemmermeer will reopen its doors in the beginning of September when the expansion is realized.

Facts & Figures

  • Over 12.000 m2 of additional floor space (total 24.000 m2)
  • Exhibition space can be divided into two seperate spaces
  • Possibility to not only rent lengthwise, but also widthwise
  • After the expansion spaces will vary from 20 m2 to 24.000 m2
  • Entirely built from glass
  • Opening: early september 2017

Watch the video animation

This video animation gives an impression of the new situation, including the new possibilities:

Surprising location in an oasis of serenity

Expo Haarlemmermeer is a unique exhibition and event venue near Schiphol Airport. The location is in an oasis of serenity in the middle of the active and loud urban area of agglomeration of the Netherlands. The location has an industrial look and is entirely built out of glass. This creates a unique connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.

The expansion is completely built out of glass and therefore creates an unique light exposure in the whole building. The expansion also creates more exhibition space and can be arranged to the needs of every organizer.

Frequently asked questions

The renovation will take place until September 2017. The building activities will not interfere with the exhibitions and events taking place during this period. In the Q & A you will find frequently asked questions.

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