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24 t/m 26 February
Pasar Malam Istimewa XL

The Pasar Malam Istimewa is coming to EXPO Greater Amsterdam with an XL edition! This event is all about Indonesia and its rich culture.

This XL edition of Pasar Malam Istimewa in 2023, with approximately 150 stands, will be even bigger than you might be used to! The name of the event is Indonesian for the night market. That is exactly what you can expect in the last weekend of February. A special event with delicious food, various market stalls, live music, and dance. So not to be missed!

This Pasar Malam Istimewa XL is all about Indonesia. And of course, that means feasting on Indian and Indonesian cuisine! There are countless eateries where you can get authentic meals and snacks. What do you think of spekkoek or gado gado? But of course, you can also enjoy satay ayam or cendol here. There is more than enough to taste during the weekend!

Indonesia is more than good food. During this gigantic night market, there is more to score than delicacies, from clothing to incense and wall decoration to sambal. You look your eyes out! You can find all those beautiful things at the Oriental speciality market with more than 150 stalls.

As if all this doesn’t already bring you into an Indonesian atmosphere, there is music and dance to enjoy. Both bands and solo artists can be admired during the night market at EXPO Greater Amsterdam. Or check out one of the dance performances!

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