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What is sustainability for EXPO Greater Amsterdam?

Sustainability is a broad concept that most people interpret as people, planet, and profit. Sustainability actually means ”continuity”. EXPO Greater Amsterdam realizes this continuity by applying people, planet, and profit. The building is not only environmentally friendly, but the labor conditions and collaborations with people in the neighborhood and local entrepreneurs also ensure a nice balance between people and the planet.

Solar panels
Our 26.000m2 roof consists entirely of solar panels

Water reduction
50% Water reduction by using a limited flow rate

No use of artificial lights or heating needed on sunny days

Led Lighting
100% LED lighting by the end of 2024

Social responsibility
Partnerships with MVO Nederland, Stichting AAP and WeForest

Green energy
100% Green energy through solar panel roof

Waste management
Waste2Energy / Green energy through waste management

Local, healthy, and responsible catering

Tap water
Reduced plastic waste through the use of filtered tap water

Waste reduction
95% Porcelain or biodegradable materials in catering

Green Key
We are actively working towards achieving the Green Key Certificate

Electric Charging
Drive green and charge your car with 100% solar-powered energy

Green taxi's
We use electric cars around the location

Bus connection
Direct bus connection between various hotels and Schiphol right in front of the door

The venue is surrounded by 24.000 m2 of nature

Room made of clay for the perfect climate control

What measures is EXPO Greater Amsterdam taking for a sustainable building?

It’s difficult to become a sustainable location when you have so many square meters and ensure that guests are not too cold or too hot without an HVAC system. EXPO Greater Amsterdam is an example that it can be done. There are several parts that have been addressed over the years to create a sustainable event location. We explain how below.

First of all, in 2002 the roof of EXPO Greater Amsterdam was completely covered with semi-transparent solar panels (PV modules). The solar panels cover the entire 26.000m2 roof and are integrated into the roof construction. In addition to the solar panels, the EXPO was originally a greenhouse. This construction allows a lot of daylight to enter the building and the heating and LED lighting are switched off on sunny days, which saves a lot of energy. In addition to being a green event location, the roof also provides a green neighborhood. For example, part of the green electricity generated is supplied to surrounding houses to make the neighborhood green!

In addition to a green roof, the EXPO also has natural walls.

During the construction of the auditorium in 2021, it was built entirely with clay. Loam plaster is bio-based and adapts to temperature differences. In addition, it is also anti-allergenic!

In addition to making the structure of the building as environmentally friendly as possible, EXPO achieves 50% of water savings due to a limited flow rate. Waste2Energy manages the waste and 95% of the porcelain used in catering consists of biodegradable materials. And speaking of food, did you know that EXPO Greater Amsterdam catering is arranged locally as much as possible? It reduces transport emissions and supports local activity.

And as if that wasn’t good enough, the location of the building was not chosen at random. A bus stops right in front of the door every 7 minutes. So feel free to drink wine and travel green by bus.

Durability and Sustainability at EXPO Greater Amsterdam, Solar Panels on roof

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