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Regulations for visitors

You will have the best possible experience at EXPO Greater Amsterdam! We wish you a pleasant visit to our location and would like to draw your attention to the following visitor regulations that apply along with the regulations as per the law, and would also like to request you to take our neighbours into account at all times:

  • entry to our location is only possible if you have a valid entrance ticket;
  • vehicles may only be parked in the parking spaces designated for this purpose, for a fee;
  • you shall be required to identify yourself whenever so requested – children under the age of 18 may only enter our location under the supervision of an adult;
  • for safety reasons, you are requested to always comply with any written instructions (e.g. instructions on signs), or instructions issued by our staff – please note that you and your bags may be searched in this connection;
  • the following are not permissible:
  • making audio and/or video recordings for commercial purposes;
  • bringing your own refreshments with you into the venue;
  • advertising and offering goods and/or services;
  • wearing clothing indicative of group affiliations and/or inflammatory clothing;
  • bringing items with you that may cause uneasiness or injury, (toy) weapons and/or drugs (medicines are permitted provided a medical certificate can be shown);
  • bringing (domestic) animals (except for guide/assistance dogs);
  • blocking or wrongly activating paths, (emergency) exits, stairs or fire extinguishers;
  • causing destruction, committing vandalism and/or theft.
  • if in the opinion of the location management and/or the organiser, you are disturbing the order, peace and/or safety, whether or not due to the violation of these visitor regulations, access to our location may be denied or revoked;
  • bringing legally prohibited goods and objects into the location, or goods and objects which are regarded unlawful by our location management and/or the organiser;
  • the police will be alerted in case of a (suspected) criminal offence/violation;
  • in addition to the regular camera surveillance, our location may also make video and audio recordings. These recordings may be used to provide atmospheric impressions in commercial messages about our location and about the Libéma group, of which our location is a part;
  • our location processes personal data (including (camera) images) in conformity with applicable regulations and our privacy policy;
  • visiting and parking at our location is entirely at your own risk. Our location accepts no liability for personal injury and/or theft, misplacement, loss or damage to property.

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