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Q & A Expansion Expo Haarlemmermeer

We do understand that as an organizer or exhibitor you might have questions about the expansion of Expo Haarlemmermeer. During the building activities of the expansion we will make sure that the logistics to all events will be maintained.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact your project manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the expansion mean?

Expo Haarlemmermeer will double its floor space, an additional 12.000m2 will be added, creating a total of 24.000m2. In addition to the expansion a new kitchen will be build. The kitchen will offer many different new catering possibilities.

What are the benefits from this expansion for me as an organizer?
  • Additional exhibition space
  • Possibility to not only rent lengthwise, but also widthwise
  • Connection between indoor and outdoor areas
  • Lots of light exposure
  • Flexibility and convenience in catering
Which facilities will be added with the expansion?

With this expansion the exhibition space can be divided in two area’s. This gives the possibility to not ony rent lengthwise, but also widthwise. Just like the rest of the building the expansion is completely built out of glass. In addition to the new floor space a fully operational kitchen will be realized which provides flexibility and new possibilities for catering.

What impact does the expansion have on the outdoor area?

The outdoor area will be slightly smaller due to the expansion. However, by building the expansion completely in glass the connection between the indoor and outdoor areas remains. The pond remains and the outdoor area can still be used.

When will the expansion be opened?

The exact date for the opening is not yet confirmed. We expect that the expansion will be finished early September 2017.

Does the expansion affect logistics and traffic?

Logistics and traffic will improve by the expansion. The new exit route is directly located next to the building, so visitors don’t need to turn their car around to leave the location.

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