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4 April 2023

Trade fairs Solar Solutions and Green Heating Solutions at EXPO Greater Amsterdam perfectly match the appearance and facilities of the multifunctional building

Sustainability is a broad term, but it basically means “continuity”. EXPO Greater Amsterdam realises this continuity by applying people, planet and profit. The working conditions and collaborations with local entrepreneurs and people in the neighbourhood provide a nice balance in the environmentally friendly building.

Over the course of a few years, the solar energy sector has doubled and the heat pump market is booming. Despite the steps that have already been taken in the Netherlands, we are only at the beginning of the sustainability revolution. Solar Solutions is the largest trade fair in the field of solar energy in Northwest Europe and for sustainable climate technology, you have come to the right place at the Green Heating Solutions trade fair.

Both trade fairs took place at EXPO Greater Amsterdam in March and both fit perfectly with the appearance and facilities of the building. With 26,000 square metres of solar panels and sustainability being a subject of the utmost importance, the organisation deliberately chose this location.

“For years, the collaboration with the small team, who think about how we can set up a beautiful fair, has been very pleasant. In addition, the beautiful hall has a lot of daylight, which ensures a fresh and open appearance.” said Good! B.V., organiser of both Solar Solutions and Green Heating Solutions.

2023 was the year of Solar Solutions’ 10th edition. According to Marieke van Eijndhoven, Business Development Manager at Libéma, this is a huge milestone.

”Together with Good! B.V., we have seen this wonderful fair grow into a high-quality, large professional international fair that is now also successfully setting foot in other places in Europe. We are very happy with this cool event. The subject and atmosphere of this trade fair connect seamlessly with the USPs of our location, EXPO Greater Amsterdam.”

EXPO Greater Amsterdam is a unique location and, with an area of 24,000 m2, it is suitable for all types of fairs and events. The unexpected tranquillity between the bustle of the Randstad and the striking architecture allows the building to coincide perfectly with the lush greenery of the surrounding nature reserve. In addition, the glass walls allow the interior space to merge unnoticed into the beautiful outdoor space and the incidence of light adds something special to every event.

The most beautiful events? Experience them at EXPO Greater Amsterdam, a Libéma venue!